How To Use Lip Liner for Max Effect?

Enhancing your lips with a lip liner is a great beauty tip to make your lips plump. From Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian, everyone uses lip liner, and it is not just a product to line your lips but to enhance your lip shade even more. Many times, in our lives, we come across beauty products that are essential for everyday use. Just like how we use a moisturizer every day, even Lip Liners are a daily part of our lives that needs a little bit of technique to get better. Wondering how to do it the perfect way? We have got you covered. Just follow this step-by-step procedure of how you can shape your lips and get the same effect as other celebrities.

Hydration is Key:

Never line your lips on dehydrated lips. It’s common to have dry, dehydrated, and chapped lips during the winters or depending on the area. The first step is to have lots of water, at least 3 liters every day. Also, you should pick up a balm of your choice and use it regularly to avoid lips from getting dehydrated.

Exfoliation is A Must:

If you exfoliate your face, don’t forget your lips too. It is one of the most important steps to make your lips look plump. So, get rid of that excess dead skin by following these steps.

  • Girls! Sugar is a number one choice.
  • Get a teaspoon of brown/white sugar with just a few drops of olive oil and honey(optional) in a bowl.
  • Mix it into a thick paste and then scrub it in a circular motion.
  • Wash it off with warm water, and you will have soft pink lips.

Don’t just exfoliate but pamper your lips too and use this beauty tip in your daily lifestyle.

Make Necessary Assessment:

Ask how you want to line your lips. It will help you decide on whether you want to get fuller lips by enhancing the lower or upper lip shape depending on your features. Begin with what you like the most about your lips and how you can line them.

lip liner

How to Apply Lip Liner:

If you find it difficult to select the lip shade, go with the nude color palette. It acts as a base for your lips. But if you’re not fond of nude lip liners, match them with your lipstick to avoid the lines. However, if you love the 2000s trend, rock any lip color with the right confidence.

Time to start tracing your lips. If you want a much fuller top, you can trace the lines of the upper lip and cupid’s bow. Never over-line your lips as it looks fake. You can also create a shadow after your liner to give depth and a fuller appeal.

For contoured lips, take the lightest shade of nude lip liner to slightly outline the lip and then go forward with a deeper shade to fill the rest of the inner corners to give a contoured effect and the shape you always wanted.

Apply Your lipstick:

We know this is what you were waiting for. Apply your lipstick but before stepping out, make sure your lips are plumped, shaped, and perfect. Try out the best lipstick color. Fill your lips and blend them for a finished look.

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